Saturday, October 01, 2011

PeopleCode Decode Updated

My PeopleCode Decode program has been updated and moved to github.  These days I mostly use this program to export all of the custom PeopleCode to files, and let Windows 7 index them.  The program has been modified to support this; I removed all of the user prompts.  It currently coded to export all of the custom PeopleCode (where LASTUPDOPRID <> 'PPLSOFT') to the c:\temp folder (one file per program).  If you want to change what is exported, you will need to update the WHERE clause.  If you are interested in updates to this, please watch my github repository.  Other changes to the program can be found in the comments in the code.

BTW... if you are looking for the Java version of this program, I didn't write that.  That version was written by PassPortGeek.