Thursday, February 03, 2005

PeopleSoft Page Information Utility

Updated Jan 10, 2010 - Fixed broken link to PAGEINFO.SQR

Originally, way back in 2000, I created PAGEINFO.SQR as a way to more easily compare pages in two different databases when performing an upgrade. If you have ever worked with PeopleSoft's Page Compare Reports, you know that they can be quite the headache. Small changes tend to result in dozens of pages. I wanted a program that would simply list the "important" attributes of the page so that I could then compare the results of two outputs in Beyond Compare. I didn't really care if a field (or the whole page, for that matter) was nudged down a couple of pixels.

Although I still use it for upgrade projects, the program has evolved over the years to include much more information about how the page is used within PeopleSoft. Given a page, it will now report related:

  • Components
  • Navigation Paths
  • Portal Locations
  • Roles
  • Permission Lists
PAGEINFO is currently compatible with versions 8.0x and 8.4x of PeopleTools. The program will determine which version it is running on (by querying the PSLOCK or PSSTATUS table), and then adjust accordingly. To accomplish this, I had to use Dynamic Tables in a few places to prevent SQR from complaining about non-existent tables.

Hopefully some of you will find it useful. I learned a lot of little tricks while writing this program.


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Larry said...

Very nice article. There is one more utility available on net that opens App Designer directly from the page that opens by Ctrl+J keys. More details are on

Ganesh said...

Compare and merge page feature is graphical/Visual way of comparing 2pages in different database.

We can compare attribute by attribute and differences are marked in Red.

Open the page to be compared and go to tools and select compare and merge page features.